I am a licensed psychologist practicing in NYC (Midtown, near Columbus Circle) and on Long Island, NY (Stony Brook / Setauket / Port Jefferson area). I work with children, adults, couples and families; and you can read more about it below. I believe that therapy is a special place where patient can find understanding and safely deal with painful issues. It is a transitional space where reality and fantasy, struggles and hopes, past and present meet - helping to explore and liberate the uniqueness, beauty and creativity of each human being.

I received two doctoral degrees, one from Adelphi University, NY, and before that - from university in Russia. In Russia, I taught psychology for graduate students and provided private psychological services. Currently I see patients in my private practice and supervise doctoral psychology students and early career clinicians. I am an adjunct clinical supervisor at Pace University and have about 20 publications.

NYC (Manhattan) office: 211 W 56th St., Suite 15M, New York, NY 10019
LONG ISLAND office: 28 Jones St., Suite 203, Setauket, NY 11733

adult therapy

You may seek therapy when you realize that your usual ways of dealing with life are not effective anymore, your coping ability seems exhausted, and you desperately want to change this. You want to find a good therapist - someone who can understand what you are going through and help you regain or find your strength and confidence. Therapists work very differently, but what mostly predicts success in therapy is your relationship with the therapist. It is important to be comfortable with your therapist and feel safe to share painful feelings and intimate details of your life.

The experiences in the therapy room can be quite unalike: sad and joyful, quiet and loud, subjective and universal, but it is always special, in a way you cannot find elsewhere. It can be a place where you quietly explore your inner world. It can be an opportunity for strong emotions to find their relief. It can be an attempt to deal with very painful feelings and traumatic experiences.

Each therapy is unique because every patient is special. I respect the patient’s choice of what to deal with in therapy and what should be omitted for the time being. I believe that people are very resourceful, and my job is to help them reach their healthier and creative side. I see the seeds of a brighter future in sometimes the dark present of my patients since a crisis almost always has a potential for growth. Therapy can be short or long, but every time it is a road to the unknown. I admire patients’ ability to fight for their happiness, to have courage and strength to come to therapy.

CHILD therapy

There is nothing more painful for parents than to see their children suffering and unhappy. If you are reading this, then your child is probably anxious, sad or lonely, has school problems, is being bullied, has self-destructive habits, throws temper tantrums or misbehaves. Do you feel lost, helpless and frustrated? Are you overwhelmed with anxiety about your child’s wellbeing and future? Do you lose your sense of control and doubt your ability to be a good parent? Bringing your child to therapy may turn things around. Children usually greatly benefit from therapy, which brings peace to families.

I love to work with young children. They fascinate me by their authenticity, honesty, self-healing capacities, caring nature and tremendous resources. Have been working with children for almost 30 years, I enjoy discovering their uniqueness and finding a theraputic approach that would match it.

There are few questions that almost every parent has in mind when starting treatment: How does therapy work? What happens in the room? How long will it take? Should we be involved as a family?  You can find the answers here.